Empower Girls

At its very heart, Girls Inc. of NYC is about offering girls the opportunity to discover their intellectual and emotional strengths. We celebrate and empower girls!

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Girls Inc. delivers life-changing programs that inspire girls to be strong, smart and boldsm.

Research-based curricula, delivered by trained professionals, equip girls to achieve academically; lead healthy and physically active lives; manage money; navigate media messages; and discover an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. We are a member of the network of independent Girls Inc. affiliate organizations located in 350 cities across the United States and Canada.

What we do

  • Challenge girls to discover and fulfill their potential
  • Foster gender equity in a positive way
  • Show girls that they can access all worlds, from the science lab to the boardroom  
  • Inspire girls to take pride in success
  • Take a community-minded approach that inspires girls to “give back,” locally and globally

Our Programs

  • Offer a safe haven for girls aged 6 to 18
  • Are well researched and created by educators and experts in many fields
  • Are age-appropriate and include many subjects, both academic and personal
  • Offer invaluable lessons in essential life skills, including financial self-support 
  • Offer non-threatening, respectful environments in which girls take risks and learn about themselves
  • Inspire girls to be role models for other girls
  • Build on girls’ strengths and help girls develop self-esteem
  • Inspire dedication to life-long learning


The Mission of Girls Inc. of New York City is to advocate for and improve the lives of under-served girls aged 6 to18 in the five boroughs.  We pursue this mission by providing gender-based educational programs in the areas of math; science; health and safety; financial literacy; and multicultural appreciation.  We provide programs directly or in partnership with other organizations.  As an independent affiliate of the Girls Inc. national organization, our commitment is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and boldsm!

We aim to accomplish our mission through the following goals:

  • Provide educational programs to underserved school-aged girls in areas where traditional curricula often fall short of encouraging girls to be their best; especially in math and science, economic literacy, and respecting and appreciating people of other cultures.
  • Encourage girls to attend college or obtain advanced technical training and develop skills that will afford them economic independence and future security, and to postpone childbearing until they are psychologically, economically, and physically prepared to care for children of their own.
  • Teach girls to identify and be discerning about both overt and subliminal negative images (ranging from a lack of leadership ability and the victim role to portraying women and girls as sex objects) that workplaces, media, and society often project on girls and women.
  • Help girls attain emotional and physical well being through programs that stress the importance of self confidence and inner strength; anger management and non-violent self-defense; and healthy nutritional and physical patterns of behavior.     
  • Deliver programs directly or in partnerships with others (community based organizations, city agencies, schools and corporations) to reach as many girls as possible, to have a a positive impact on their development.



Girls Incorporated of New York City is an independent affiliate of Girls Inc.® , a national youth development organization. Created in 1993 to listen to and support New York City girls, we began as the Urban Girls Initiative-New York. In 1999 we gained status as a 501(c)3 and a separate, incorporated nonprofit organization.Our organization was created to bring national expertise in youth programming to urban girls aged 6 to 18, with the following objectives:


  • Increase the number of inner city, low-income girls who benefit from Girls Inc. programming. 
  • Adapt Girls Inc. programs to the needs of urban girls.
  • Train local staff from a variety of settings in the philosophy and programming of Girls Inc.
  • Learn from our implementation efforts in a variety of settings, and provide technical assistance and networking opportunities to participating organizations.
  • Create a self-sustaining, independent affiliate, headed by an executive director working with staff and a locally appointed board.
  • Respond to the needs of urban girls through vigorous outreach, excellent programming and advocacy

The positive response and great success of our programs and services led us to incorporate as the separate, nonprofit corporation known as Girls Incorporated of New York City. We are proud to serve over 2,500 girls each year in collaboration with our network of partner organizations. Delivering our programs in 22 neighborhoods and over 30 different sites throughout the New York City, we continue to inspire girls to be strong, smart and boldsm.


2013 Auditor's Report

2012 Auditor's Report

FY 2012-13 Annual Report

2011 Auditor's Report

2010 Auditor's Report

Click here to visit the Girls Incorporated of New York City page on GuideStar.com and view Form 990.

PDF files require Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view. If you encounter any difficulties downloading the Annual Reports, please email info@girlsincnyc.org.




Pamela Maraldo, PhD

Chief Executive Officer


Chaun Lewis

Volunteer Coordinator


Christina Benavides

Director of Operations



Randi Zwickler

Development Coordinator


Melissa D'Andrea

Director of Programs


Tiffany Fernandez

Development Associate





Indiana Almanzar

Outreach Coordinator


Mariah Maldonado

Program Coordinator

Yeashea Braddock

Program Director - SONYC


Tiffani Nikole

Program Coordinator

Kree Cason

Program Coordinator


Millicen Perez

Program Coordinator


Krystal Cason

Outreach Program Director


Sofia Quintero

Program Director - SONYC


Thea Charles

G³ Project Director


Corinne Santiago

Program Coordinator


Krizia Gardner

Program Director - SONYC



Isake Smith

Program Coordinator


Brandi Kilbourne

Program Coordinator







Elaine Hutchins Ball, Chair

Jasmine Khalili Barr, Vice-Chair
Charmaine Slack, Secretary
Carolyn J. Cole, Treasurer

Terri Austin
Lisa J. Blau
Edith Ginsberg

Cecile E. Gyles
Maria Jelescu
Angie Karna

Jennifer Morgan
Kyung-Ah Park
Susan F. Pollack
Margaret Rienecker
Stephanie Ruhle



Beeta Jahedi- Chair
Johanna Bowman- Secretary
Eugenie Marion- Treasurer
Sanika Kulkarni- Vice Chair

Cheridan Austin
Rossmery Barzey
Jackie Bennett
Kendra Bradley
Michelle Dalzon
Annemarie Goodman
Hawaa Muhammad
Richa Patel
Kira Roeloffs
Devon Rudberg
Margaret Ryan
Rosann Santos-Elliot
Kimberly Shannon
Amber Shapiro