There is magic in the light in a girl’s eyes as she discovers her own amazing potential, and realizes she has choices, and gets that acceptance letter to college, and starts a productive career—and makes her mark on the world! You can be the magic behind the light in a girl’s eyes.Please contribute to Girls Inc. of New York City and show girls that you believe in them!


Become a Girl Friend!

Supporting the work of our organization makes a real, life-long difference for New York City girls.  Thank you!

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Any amount helps us make life better for NYC girls!

Monthly Donations
Join the Girls Inc. of New York City Girl Friend Network and support our mission by scheduling a monthly contribution.  By choosing to make a recurring credit card donation, you ensure our ongoing success!  Members of our Girl Friend Network are recognized in publications and invited to participate in our “Director’s Update” conference calls.

Matching Donations
Maximize the impact of your support of GINYC by asking your employer to match your gift. By matching your contribution, every $1 becomes $2!  Check to see if your employer is registered with or ask your employer directly if your gift can be matched through a company matching gift program.


There are many opportunities to become a corporate sponsor of Girls Inc. of New York City. To learn about ways to participate, please contact Christina Benavides, Director of Operations, at or 212.531.7620 extension 401.









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