Community, After School & Enrichment Programs for NYC Girls

2016 Girls Inc. of NYC Summer Camp!

SUMMER 2016 Girls Inc Application

Our programs are offered to girls aged 6 to 18. Age-specific, the programs are created with a team of curriculum writers, field experts and specialists in the cognitive, emotional, intellectual and physical development of girls.

Meticulously researched and carefully tested, our programs are overwhelmingly popular!

Girls Inc. of NYC offers over 40 programs in 8 categories, both during and after school:

Each program has a thoroughly trained, professional leader and offer:

  • Warmth and a sense of humor
  • Understanding of different needs, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Complete acceptance of different values and points of view
  • Open, honest discussion and communication
  • Full inclusion of girls with disabilities

Sponsor one of our programs and watch New York City benefit, as girls ultimately enter the professional world and bring with them a wealth of talent and diversity.


Economic Literacy®

Girls learn about money and the economy, including how to manage, invest, and save money and how to help others through philanthropy.

Through interactive projects and discussions with female finance executives, Economic Literacy explores:


  • How personal attitudes, opinions and knowledge of money are formed and influenced 
  • The nuts and bolts of finance, including saving, investing, loans, banking, taxes, and credit
  • Financial responsibility and self-reliance: how to earn, spend, save and share money
  • Different types of careers and incomes
  • Assessing personal qualifications for participation in the marketplace
  • Knowing your rights in the workplace
  • Donating money, goods, time and/or services to improve the community and the world
  • Women in the economy, currently, historically, locally and globally
  • Advocating for economic equity
  • How the government makes economic decisions
  • Consumerism and advertising: how to be a smart shopper
  • What money can’t buy

Well-rounded and thorough, Economic Literacy imparts a world of knowledge the girls can use for a life of financial independence.

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Friendly PEERsuasion®

Girls develop skills to resist pressure to use harmful substances, such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and household chemicals.

In Friendly PEERsuasion, girls learn:

  • Self-esteem, one of the keys to avoiding drugs and alcohol
  • Leadership skills, so each girl can become a PEERsuader and teach younger children
  • Communications skills: speaking and listening carefully
  • What addiction is and how to address it
  • The causes of substance abuse
  • What peer- and media-pressure are and how to sidestep them
  • Stress management: how to recognize stress and shed it in healthy ways
  • How to read over-the-counter drug labels

When girls complete the Friendly PEERsuasion program, they have the tools—and the motivation—to avoid drug and alcohol abuse and are inspired to help friends and family do the same.

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G3 Generation Giga Girls®

G3 Moody's Data Analytics Program, is a one to two year, project based, Data Analytics program focused on building girls’ skills in mathematics, critical thinking, and technology. The program includes an intensive four-week

summer program and year-round programming, culminating with a paid data analytics summer internship. The program is designed to increase the interest of girls ages 14-17 entering the exciting new field of data analytics.

G3 prepares girls to:

  • Experience and explore the new world of big data
  • Build skills in mathematics, critical thinking, and technology
  • Develop an interest in data science careers
  • Collaborate and work in teams
  • Prepare for a college education
  • Experience a corporate internship
  • Become strong, smart, and bold leaders in the new world of big data


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Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy®

Girls acquire the knowledge and skills for taking charge of and making informed decisions about their sexual health.

In Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy, girls learn:


  • Personal and cultural values about sex
  • The value of sexuality as a healthy part of life
  • Facts and myths about sex, including anatomy, pregnancy, reproductive health, and STDs
  • The option of abstinence, the value of assertiveness and how to assert boundaries
  • Support from friends and family
  • Positive, constructive communication between parents and daughters
  • Healthy relationship behaviors and warning signs of relationship violence
  • Peer pressure, the media and sexuality

With interactive projects and role-playing, Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy arms girls with information, nurtures their self-esteem—and motivates them to make healthy choices for a bright future.

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Operation SMART®

Girls develop enthusiasm for and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Community based, with lots of hands-on, interactive projects, girls learn how things work. In the process, they learn the process of inquiry and how to develop and learn from hypotheses.

Some of the many Operation Smart activities include:

  • Making a flashlight
  • Dismantling and reassembling machines
  • Building an electronic circuit
  • The biology of owl pellets
  • Math “poetry”
  • Debugging a computer
  • Making a burglar alarm
  • Exploring and creating levers, wheels, winches, pulleys and gears
  • Building with the tools of engineers and architects

By immersing girls in disciplines they are either unfamiliar with or are intimidated by, Operation SMART® shows girls that they can have flourishing careers in any STEM discipline!

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Media Literacy®

Girls increase their awareness of the scope and power of the media and the effects of media messages on girls and women.

With interactive, hands-on projects and discussions, preconceived notions of who and what girls are, based on ever-present media messages, are dissected and reevaluated.

Girls Inc. Media Literacy explores:

  • Types of media
  • The messages we get—subtle and obvious—from media
  • The impact of advertising on girls every day, in many ways
  • How to be “media smart”
  • Real beauty vs. media beauty
  • Finding diversity in media
  • “Talking back” to the media
  • Hard news and how it portrays women
  • Evaluating strong, smart and bold characteristics in real and fictional women
  • Recognizing and getting rid of stereotypes
  • Careers in news media—print, digital, radio, and TV
  • Careers in entertainment media: film, TV, magazines, Broadway, etc. 

The always exciting Media Literacy program culminates in DVDs and videos made by the girls themselves, based on their original storyboards.

Thanks to this unique program, girls discover the positive and negative aspects of media, as well as new views of themselves and their gender.

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Leadership and Community Action®  

Girls build leadership skills and create lasting social change through community action projects.

In our program, girls:

  • Celebrate their heritage as leaders in local and global communities
  • Explore their own leadership abilities
  • Form partnerships with women leaders in their community
  • Conduct community action projects
  • Discover and learn to use leadership tools and skills
  • Develop and practice decision-making, taking the initiative and taking responsibility

With a weekend retreat, interative activities, role play and other tools, girls learn that they are powerful agents of change and trustees of the common good.

From getting a traffic light at a dangerous corner to improving medical services, Leadership and Community Action is an exhilarating and empowering step on the path to making a wonderful and lasting mark on society.

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Project BOLD®

Girls learn skills and strategies to lead safer lives in their homes, in relationships, in their communities, and online.

From Project BOLD, girls learn that they are worthy of respect and freedom from harm. They learn skills and resources to safeguard their physical autonomy from street, domestic and school violence.

With sensitive, unbiased, carefully created activities and role play, Project BOLD explores:

  • Girls’ strengths and abilities
  • Responding to a threat with verbal skills
  • Learning basic physical self-defense skills
  • Distinguishing between an insulting or provocative situation and a truly dangerous one—and how to respond in each case
  • Self-defense options, including running, enlisting help, and telling others
  • Teasing and bullying
  • Sexual harassment, sexual abuse and rape
  • Family violence
  • Dating abuse
  • Prejudice, racism and bias violence

A critical learning experience for all girls, Project BOLD is indispensable and unforgettable, and it helps girls stay safe, so they can focus on building rich lives.

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Sporting Chance®

Girls build a foundation for enjoying physical activity, sports, and adventure throughout their lives.

In Sporting Chance, girls discover the mind-body connection and that physical activity is a gateway to academic and personal growth.

Exciting expeditions abound! The girls enjoy both traditional and nontraditional sports activities:


Baseball  •  Bicycling  •  Canoeing  •  Hiking  •  Kayaking  •  Rock-wall Climbing  •  Ropes  •  Rafting  •  Soccer  • Softball

In Sporting Chance, girls plan and participate in activities, and:

  • Learn the importance of fitness and its positive, holistic effects
  • Discover that being physically fit has social and psychological benefits
  • Learn about women in nontraditional adventure sports throughout history
  • Enjoy improved self-esteem, as the focus moves from personal appearance to personal strengths
  • Learn many life skills, including collaboration, mutual support, goal-setting, organization, decision-making, individual and group care, active listening, and communicating clearly
  • Discover the joy of moving from the comfort zone to the learning zone in the outdoors
  • Are inspired to become and remain fit now and as adults

A perfect example of learning on several levels, Sporting Chance is an uplifting and thrilling way for girls to learn how filled with greatness they are!



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We at Girls Incorporated of New York City expect girls to love our exciting, innovative and effective programs. We are delighted to find that participants in our training programs also have a great time!

Our staff trainings are designed to help female and male professionals and their organizations create environments that help girls aged 6 to 18 reach their full potential. Anyone who works with girls at any level, from a camp counselor in training to a school principal, can participate.

Presented as one-time workshops at schools, libraries and other locations, the programs cover two main categories:

  1. Creating girl-friendly environments: exploring gender equity; breaking stereotypes
  2. Answering difficult questions: practical tools for communicating comfortably and age-appropriately on questions about sexuality
The workshops are genuine fun! They are supportive and nonjudgmental—just like our programs for girls—and include visual aids, role-play, games, discussions and a variety of activities.


Our staff training is a genuine learning experience for even the most open-minded participant and always filled with many “Aha!” moments.

To learn more about Staff Training and participate in a session , please contact:

A core element of the Girls Incorporated of New York City philosophy is that to truly effect change, we must reach into the community.

That’s exactly what we do! We work with partners who deliver our services directly to girls.

Our partners are: 

  • Community-based organizations
  • City Agencies
  • Schools 
  • Libraries
  • Individuals engaged in community organizing, advocacy and public education

What our partners do is:

  • Host our programs
  • Participate in our staff training and development
  • Work with us to design programs for girls on topics such as health care, bias in schools, bullying, and others

We have been helping partners serve the community since we opened our doors in New York City, and together we continue to help girls live great lives.


If you are interested in hosting a Girls Inc of New York City program please see our application