Successful Girls
We succeed by offering proven programs that provide girls with knowledge, inspiration, and hope for a bright future. Our girls succeed by turning these programs into powerful launching pads!

Successful Girls


Damary 1992 - 1997
Latina Initiative Project Mgr., Girls Inc. National

A doctoral candidate for an Ed. D in Executive Leadership, Damary participated in our programs throughout middle school and high school. She now manages the Girls Inc. Latina Initiative and remains close to Girls Inc. of NYC. Married and living in Pennsylvania, Damary is also involved in various community-based efforts.

Ashley 2005 - 2006
Penn State Scholar

A junior at Penn State and the recipient of the Fannie Lou Hamer-W.E.B. Du Bois Scholarship Award for outstanding leadership, scholarship and community service. A psychology major with minors in French and business, she is currently studying abroad in France.

Erica 1995 - 2001
Police Officer NYC Police Department

Erica proudly serves and protects the borough of the Bronx, while inspiring her 6-year-old daughter to be Strong, Smart and Bold.

Tanaya 1993 - 1994
Program Specialist Girls Inc. of NYC

Joined the Girls Inc. team after studying English, Writing, and African American Studies at the University of Albany.

Judith 2005 - 2006
College Student

Judith, a junior at Hunter College, currently participates in biomedical research in lymphoma cancer genetics at Columbia University.

Christine1995 - 2000
Child Care Supervisor, Nonprofit Organization

Provides childcare services to children whose mothers are victims of domestic violence. She’s mom to a 5-year-old son and a newborn baby girl.

Jade, Mofida, and Amber 2007 - 2009
Middle School Superstars

These three powerhouses won the top prize in their age division for the Verizon “Thinkfinity Challenge.”

Elayne 2009
Scholarship Recipient

The recipient of a $15,000 Girls Inc. Lucille Miller Wright National Scholar award.


Successful Programs

Systematic evaluation of the Girls Inc. approach and programs is a hallmark of our organization. Both Girls Inc. and independent evaluators study and survey our programs, training, and management, and we consistently demonstrate that our programs are effective and well loved:

  • The award-winning Girls Inc. Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy® program is endorsed by the Federal Office of Juvenile Delinquency Prevention; Helping America’s Youth Model Programs Guide; SEICUS; and the National Campaign to Prevent Pregnancy as being among the nation’s most effective programs. Girls who participated in the Girls Inc. Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy® programs are twice as likely to postpone sexual activity than girls who did not participate in the program.
  • Almost all (89%) girls who participate in Girls Inc. Economic Literacy® could provide examples of what personal changes they made as a result of participating in the program, such as saving money for planned goals and spending money on needs before wants. Girls also remarked that they enjoyed practicing math skills in a real-life context.
  • Participants in Friendly PEERsuasion® were less likely than non-participants in the program to approve of drinking alcohol and stay in situations where others were drinking, smoking or using other drugs.  The program is endorsed by theOffice of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and by the Helping America’s Youth Model Programs Guide. 
  • The girls we serve consistently report not feeling safe in their schools or neighborhoods. A study by the Fern Marx Center for Research on Women showed that participation in the Girls Inc. Project BOLD® violence-prevention and self-defense program resulted in increased knowledge of self-defense techniques and increased girls’ confidence in their own strength and ability to make a difference regarding violence against girls and women in their communities.